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let's see whether the voila opening works


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Voila test

Let's see how this output looks like. Some URL. Italic BOLD

In [1]:
print('this is the output of a print statement')
this is the output of a print statement

And then we have some more regular markdown here. And hopefully this should be able to display too. Below there's some code that calculates what 2+2 is. You shouldn't see the code for calculating but rather only result:

In [1]:

cool, that worked? Let's now see how many files we have stored in our Open Humans account.

In [2]:
import ohapi
import os
In [6]:
filenumber = ohapi.api.exchange_oauth2_member(os.getenv('OH_ACCESS_TOKEN'))['count']
print("Currently there are {} files in your Open Humans account!".format(filenumber))
Currently there are 233 files in your Open Humans account!